Stylus mit Narbe

27. June 2023 @ 10:42

Stylus mit Narbe, clay, glaze, 300 x 250 x 60 cm, 2018

In this work I deal with the physical side of femininity. The female body is sexualized by the media and reduced as an object. Loaded with the task, to show tight curves and address the man sexually, there ist this sometimes unpleasant and painful task of having children. Women have to secure the reproduction of humanity. On the one hand, these two tasks make women an object, on the other hand, it makes them strong and powerful.
I process these impressions in my installation. On the one hand, my clay sculptures are beautiful and have attractive shapes, like flowers. They are fresh like fruits. The curves and the recurring hollows refer to the feminine genitals and the fertility. Nevertheless, the shapes are massive and absurd, almost unpleasant. Each object is individually, completely unique. They are strong, powerful and threatening.